RTM Short 1

Combined Programme

IFFR 2022

RTM consists of films and projects from a broad range of makers who have a major connection to the city of Rotterdam. These makers are an eclectic mix of young/emerging talent and more experienced professionals, and established names of Rotterdam-linked filmmakers/artists who also work internationally.

In the films in this block, you will meet four distinctive makers, each of whom has created a portrait in documentary, fiction or experimental film in their own individual way. They investigate their topics and ideas through the camera, either up close and personal or as a fly on the wall, introducing us to four very different worlds.

Please note: for all films in this combined programme English subtitles are available, with the exception of SHE (this is an English-language film)

Programme IFFR 2022


In RTM, IFFR puts the spotlight firmly on films and makers from our city on the River Maas. A programme chock-full of short and longer films, series, and documentaries. All focused around talented makers and stories from the 010 area, with an impact reaching far beyond. From established names and Rotterdam icons to emerging film talent, this programme reveals the riches of Rotterdam in all its glory.

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