Opening Night 2021: Riders of Justice


IFFR 2021

It’s the big, eagerly anticipated moment: the official launch of IFFR 2021. Get the festival off to a flying start on Monday 1 February with the – always hotly debated – opening film. Including a live introduction from our board of directors with special guests. This year, our opening night takes place online.

Opening Film IFFR 2021: Riders of Justice
How a train accident elicits a series of therapeutic acts of revenge and whether or not this is related to a stolen bike and a disgusting sandwich – everything falls into place in this fabulous tragicomedy of fate by the maker of Adam’s Apples and Men & Chicken. Featuring Denmark’s best actors.

Mon 1 Feb, 20:00 (opening for invitees), 20:30 (opening for donors), 21:00 (online première) and 21:30 (start film on demand), various discounts available

Please note: Not an invitee or a donor of the festival? Then choose the 21:00 screening to join us for the Official Opening IFFR 2021! Buy a ticket for the on demand screening if the online premiere is sold out.