My Palestine

  • 58'
  • Lebanon
  • 2006
Sabrina, Rawad, Saïd and other young Palestinian refugees born in a Lebanese refugee camp come into a photo studio one by one. Each of them chooses his own background. There's a choice of atmospheric shots of four world cities: New York, Paris, Beirut and Jerusalem. They sit down and talk about what motivates them, how they live and what they hope to do. About the way they think that they can provide a contribution as Palestinians in the diaspora to the Palestinian cause and what sacrifices they are willing to make, or not. What they share is a nostalgia for a country that they know only from stories: Palestine. Apart from that, their religious, cultural and political commitment, their motivation and dreams are very different from each other and together form a subtle picture of a young generation of Palestinians who do not form a homogeneous group although they feel their wings are just as clipped as those of the generation above them.
Nadine Naous and Léna Rouxel manage to intercept easy clichés with a simple procedure and direct questions but also give each testimony a significant set with the forced choice of one of the four different cities.

Nadine Naous, Léna Rouxel
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2008
Betacam Digi PAL
Original title
Chacun sa Palestine
Celine Loiseau, Pierre Sarraf, Olivier Bourbeillon
Production Companies
TS Productions, ..né.à Beyrouth, Paris-Brest productions
Andana Films
Léna Rouxel
Sound Design
Mikaël Barre