Lamento Emori - A Mystery Tryptich, in Elegy Parts

  • 62'
  • France
  • 2003
Elegy Part I: Through the Same GateTwice through the same tunnel. Once to be born and the other time to die. Free associative images are accompanied by a text spoken twice about experiences of labour and a struggle with death. When we are born, it is certain that we enter the realm of light and sound, but what about that famous tunnel towards the light from the near?death experiences?Elegy Part II: Somewhere My FriendExorcising images by a reflection on the last farewell. The contemplation about the final journey to an unknown and irrevocable end. The journey from somewhere to nowhere that cannot concretely be portrayed. The film maker makes an attempt that at least provides an atmospheric and melancholy result.Elegy Part III: Leaving the Film FaceConsciously narcissist self?portrait of a film maker who regards this film as his requiem (accompanied at the end by the Requiem by Verdi). One more time, he stands still, literally and metaphorically, by his film face. A narcissistic exaggeration from which he can then take his leave. Sad, yet ? as the maker says himself ? every ending is the start of something new. There is still hope.Special Bonustrack: This is the End of 'My Way'Visual and musical reflections on a farewell. Moleveld chose the powerful yet clichéd song My Way by Frank Sinatra precisely because of its tattered emotions, or, as he himself says, because of the 'image forming cuddled to death'. According to the maker, there are no ways, and certainly no My Ways to the landscape of truth. Every way leads to the landscape of 'nothing'. There are only a few film makers who are able to express such despondent considerations in images.
Pieter Moleveld
World premiere
Countries of production
France, Germany, Netherlands
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2003
English, Dutch
Pieter Moleveld
Pieter Moleveld
Pieter Moleveld
Pieter Moleveld
Sound Design
Pieter Moleveld