El Bonaerense

  • 92'
  • Argentina
  • 2002
With a sharp eye for social relations, in El Bonaerense Trapero sketches the everyday drudge of the working class. With his début Mundo grúa, crowned in Rotterdam, Trapero proved that he is a good observer. In El bonaerense, the protagonist is again a simple softy who finds himself thrown into an unknown and hostile environment.Locksmith Jorge unintentionally becomes involved in a robbery and is caught. Fortunately, an influential uncle helps him out of trouble and arranges a job for him as policeman in the big city. With his innocent face and disarming charm, Jorge works his way through police school. Gallo, one of the detectives, takes him under his wing. When Jorge gets involved with a female instructor, many of his male colleagues do not approve. It soon becomes apparent that Gallo is not protecting the amiable Jorge for nothing.El Bonaerense provides a grim and realistic picture of the police in Buenos Aires (the notorious bonaerense). Dark and rather grainy images contribute to the oppressive atmosphere, that is only illuminated by acid, almost satirical humour. Trapero avoids making any moral judgements and only shows even with some tenderness how the young and naive cop is dragged along in a thoroughly corrupt world.
Pablo Trapero
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2003
Pablo Trapero
Wild Bunch, TVOR
Pablo Trapero
Local Distributor
Paradiso Filmed Entertainment (oud)