Digital Paradox

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Discussion about the influence of digitalisation on film and television aesthetics and narrative techniques. A sign of the times is that the BBC will soon go completely digital in both camera and editing, while 'classic' film-makers such as Johan van der Keuken and Jon Jost are also transferring. The discussion is an impulse to a theme programme at the 1999 Rotterdam festival, that will look at what the use of digital media have done to introduce new aesthetics and narrative forms.It is expected that taking in part in the discussion will be Werner Nekes (see Tag des Malers), Jon Jost, (see London Brief), Ian Kerkhof, whose Naar de klote! caused a stir, partly thanks to its mode of production, Rob Schröder, graphic designer and documentary-maker, John Wyver of Illuminations, film-maker Michael Pilz, who has converted entirely to digital techniques, Allessandro Rais, director of the video art festival of Palermo and Johan van der Keuken.
Festival Edition
IFFR 1998
Peter Missotten