Rainbow Stories

  • 80'
  • Netherlands
  • 1996
Episode film based on Rainbow Stories by William T. Volmann, for which the Dutch producer Studio One invited nine film-makers of different nationalities to contribute ten minutes shot in black & & white and then coloured. With Isis and Osiris shot in the halls, catacombs and squares of the Louvre, Janneque Draisma quietly adds a new dance film to her oeuvre. Holding a Super8-camera Barbara Hanlo follows in the footsteps of the early days of video with A Wind Rose... utilising all the opportunities that chemistry offers her on the emulsion. In Beyond the Blue Grain, a very frugal film, Tina Keane attempts a dialogue between the coarse and chance grain of Super8 material and the rapid, colourless and rich grain of video snow. Harald Busch built a complicated platform for his camera for Taking Place and sucked the spectator into the picture in a series of slow pans. Alessandro Aiello's Mal d'Africa is a short and absurd fairy-tale about a scientist who listens to the voices of the satyrs on a desert island. In a very personal style Nina Danino in untitled tells a story of religion, perception, rituals and the female role. In Damon Barr/Marie Anne Ferral's Visitations, pictures of decay, fire, violence and sex are supported by a turbulent editing and increasingly compelling beat. In Marc Geerard's Don't Move cleverly photographed macro shots alternate with a long sequence of stills reminiscent of Chris. Markers La Jetée. Finally Bavo Defurne's Saint is an almost shameless homo-erotic epigone in the style of Riefenstahl and Pasolini.
several (9), Barbara Hanlo, Janneque Draisma
World premiere
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1997
Dutch, French, English
Studio I
Studio I