De toekomst is over een uur

  • 100'
  • Netherlands
  • 1997
Salvador Vega, a gypsy, is the last blacksmith in Seville. His life is shaped by a harrowing experience in the past. In 1968 he was arrested by Franco's police at the age of 18 for allegedly dealing hash and imprisoned for two months. While he was in a police cell in Valencia, his Irish gypsy wife left him with their four-month-old son. Once he came out of prison, Vega went looking for them on his built-in compass and despite having no knowledge of geography. After an Odyssey through Europe he ended up in Sweden. He stayed there intermittently for twelve years, came into contact with art and insanity and learned to think. He never found his wife and son. Not long ago, he found out he had been betrayed by the brothers of his wife. Since his final return to Spain in 1981, he has had a small iron foundry in Triana, a working-class district of Seville. The area is the last refuge for him and his friends, where time stands still and where the values of the outside world do not apply. José the knife sharpener, Paco who adored the dead singer Camaron, Fernando who misses his famous and beloved father, Antonio Chiquetete, the Flamenco and ballad singer +"+ everyone is equal, they are all marked by the tragedy of gypsy life. The future is not tomorrow, but now, in an hour.
Ramon Gieling, Ramón Gieling
World premiere
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1997
Allegri Film
Ramón Gieling
Ramón Gieling
Local Distributor
EYE Film Institute Netherlands