Republica Nostra

  • 82'
  • Italy
  • 1995
Well-make and clear documentary about a relative outsider (Incalcaterra lived outside Italy for a long time) about political changes in Berlusconi's Italy. Incalcaterra did not want to make the umpteenth flashy report and therefore consciously chose an approach and a technique that bears showing on a cinema screen. Calm and detailed film images turn out to be able to reveal things that the flashy TV shots ignored. For his portrait of present-day Italy, in political and economic confusion, Incalcaterra chose a small number of players that almost work as the protagonists in a Shakespearian royal drama. As location he chose Milan, the city of Berlusconi's media (and soccer) empire and also the city of his great rival Antonio Di Pietro, who with his inquiry into corruption (the famous Mani Pulite campaign) shook the Italian state on its foundations. Another leading role is played by Alvaro Superchi, who has worked for twenty years for Alfa Romeo. He is an active communist trade union man and candidate for the PDS (the successor to the formally abolished Communist Party). Berlusconi is mainly present indirectly. His role and function are represented in the film by Gianni Pilo, specialist in opinion polls and one of Berlusconi's most important advisors - the consigliere of The Godfather as it were. Incalcaterra managed to collate material with great patience and care and the result is stunning. This film is more evidence that truth is more fantastic than fiction.
Daniele Incalcaterra, Daniele Incalcaterra
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1996
Archipel 35, ARTE France, Arte Deutschland TV GmbH
Archipel 35
Daniele Incalcaterra
Daniele Incalcaterra