Neurosia - 50 Jahre pervers

  • 89'
  • Germany
  • 1995
An autobiography in the form of a comic murder story. At the start of the film Von Praunheim is murdered, after which the transvestite/television reporter Desiree Nick investigates the past and background of the victim. The unmotivated murder becomes even more mysterious when it turns out that the corpse has vanished. Apart from a bloodstain on the floor where the cineaste held his last speech, there is no trace. No trace of the culprit either. Von Praunheim has made films for 25 years and they have often been accompanied by scandal. He has also made a lot of enemies. Should the murderers be sought in the past of the film- maker? Was it a murder from love or jealousy? As always when it concerns the murder of a gay, the police looks for the killer in the gay community. Von Praunheim makes (or made, if you go along with the film's story) crazy, personal and burlesque films set in the gay communities of Berlin and New York. In this latest film he has lined up his whole oeuvre in a humorous way, using his fiftieth birthday as an excuse (and with a wink at the centenary of film). Characteristic of his approach is that he does not take much notice of professional norms within film. He combines guts and nonchalance with a pleasant kind of amateurism and seldom works with professional actors. His films are filled with the most colourful types from the Schwulenszene, who play out their own creation in front of the camera.
Rosa von Praunheim, Rosa von Praunheim
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1996
International title
Neurosia - 50 Years of Perversity
Rosa von Praunheim
Jane Balfour
Rosa von Praunheim