Besos y Abrazos

  • 92'
  • Spain
  • 1995
Besos y Abrazos tells the story of the love between brother and sister. Maritxu is soon to celebrate her twentieth birthday. She works with her mother in a hairdressers in Pamplona and waits with excitement for the arrival of her brother Toño, who works in Madrid as an art teacher. Toño does not turn up, but sends her a video tape on which he acts as if he is celebrating her birthday and apologises because he is so busy. Maritxu celebrates her birthday alone. Then she gets a phone call that Toño has had an accident. She goes to Madrid, where she hears that Toño was beaten up early one morning by a bunch of skinheads. He dies in her arms in hospital. Two weeks later, Maritxu returns to Madrid to fetch Toño's things and to find out more about what happened. She is not satisfied with the way that inspector González leads the investigation and decides to do something about it herself. At the scene of the crime, she meets Uve, a boy who looks after the cats in the park and was with Toño on the night in question. Maritxu finds out that Toño was gay. She also gets to know the brothers Ricardo and Juan Sánchez, house-mates of her brother, and they react very differently to her presence. While the first collects Toño's things and leaves, the second falls in love with her.
Antonio María Gárate
International premiere
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1996
International title
Hugs and Kisses
Garate Producciones, Antonio María Gárate
Antonio María Gárate
Antonio María Gárate