A részleg

  • 85'
  • Hungary
  • 1995
Irate film that is a reminder of the most morbid sides of the repressive system in Communist Eastern Europe. The film is based on a short story by Adám Bodor; director Péter Gothár read the story twelve years ago and immediately saw a film in it. However the outspoken ideas about political freedom expressed in the story meant it was impossible to make the film at that time. The story is set in the mountainous region of Rumania where many people speak Hungarian. Gizella Weiss (beautifully played by Mari Nagy) is a brilliant engineer who has won a design contest and is therefore appointed head of a new company. This promotion is however shrouded in mystery. The trip to her new company looks a lot like kidnapping and when she reaches her new workplace, it is far from an improvement. She seems to have been taken prisoner, but no one says anything about it. She doesn't dare bring it up either. Apparently she has done something wrong, but what? She becomes increasingly humiliated, her personal possessions are taken away from her. She apathetically surrenders to smoking and drinking cheap alcohol. But she continues to hope.
Péter Gothár
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1996
International title
The Outpost
Hunnia Film Studio, Hungarian Television
Pétér Timár
Local Distributor
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