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Péter Gothár

Péter Gothár at IFFR

  • A részleg

    A Stalker-like picture of the journey by Gizi Weiss to the distant outpost where she has to work, as a ‘reward’.

    • main programme
  • Hagyjállógva Vászka

    Burlesque picaresque film is a satire on despotic Soviet bureaucracy. The urban thief Vaska robs the State Bank with a can-opener.

    • main programme
  • Melodrama

    Melodrama is another complex feature film by Peter Gothár in a matchless and vital style, a kind of baroque form of surrealism. The film looks at contemporary Hungary through the eyes of Feri, who has spent twenty years in jail. Now, after his release, he has a few scores to settle and Gothár’s very mobile […]