Content confidentiality

As parts of the IFFR 2024 programme may variably be made available online to accredited guests, IFFR states its policy in regards to the conditions under which such material is shared and its strict confidentiality of access.

IFFR protects the works of any and all artists who show or create their work for or during the festival. Access to file(s) owned and/or controlled by IFFR is granted conditionally in order to read, understand, or otherwise educate yourself or others. This access is given under strict confidentiality: its content, or parts thereof, may not be shared, accessed, downloaded, released, uploaded, copied, shown or otherwise be made known to anyone else. 

Accredited guests are responsible for taking all necessary measures to protect the file(s) against unauthorised access and/or copying of the file(s) by others. Any (technical) copies that accidently have been made to a personal computer or other device should be deleted immediately and irreversibly after they have been studied.

Accredited guests are liable for any and all damages resulting from illegal accessing or copying and/or sharing of the file(s) whether caused by them or a third party, directly or indirectly as a result of handling or negligence. Accredited guests indemnify IFFR from claims by third parties resulting directly or indirectly from their handling of the file(s) or their negligence to protect these. 

Protecting the works of artists against illegal use or copying is vital for a healthy creative business industry. If the conditions set out herein are breached, a penalty of €5,000 per breach is payable to IFFR, and after being notified of this breach, you shall forfeit a further penalty of €1000 per day if the breach is not cured within the cure period given in the notice, without prejudice to the right of IFFR to claim full damages.

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