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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Late Nights in Lobby A x IFFR: Big Night

IFFR and the Groot Handelsgebouw are cooking up something good. From July to September, you’re invited to a free programme of four films that fuse culinary and cinematic delight – with catering to perfectly complement each film. From ramen in Tokyo to coxinha in São Paulo, pull up a seat and join us for a feast of flavour on film. 

With the venue opening an hour before the screening, there’s plenty of time to mingle and enjoy a bite in this iconic Rotterdam location.

A chef and a maître d' clothed in classic restaurant white are holding each other in the kitchen while staring towards somewhere off-camera.

About the film

Big Night dir. Stanley Tucci & Campbell Scott, 1996, United States

Italian brothers Primo and Secondo are struggling to save their failing New Jersey restaurant. In a last-ditch effort, they prepare an extravagant dinner party to impress a potential saviour. A beautifully-acted, funny yet bitter-sweet film that explores the meeting of culinary brilliance, tradition and the pursuit of the American dream.

Date: Friday 2 August
Walk in: tbc
Film starts: tbc

Information about this event

August 2, 2024
Lobby A, Het Groot Handelsgebouw, Stationsplein 45, Rotterdam, 3013AK

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