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Zeesy Powers

Zeesy POWERS (Canada) is a Toronto-based media artist. Powers has performed and exhibited at venues including PS 122in New York, CCA Kitkyushu in Japan, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. Her films and animations have screened internationally.


(all short) Things People Do With Their Heads (2000), Magic Bowl (2005), I Blow Up (2005), Neoteny (2005), Fantastic Voyage (2005), The Beast (2005), Split (2007), Intertidal (2008), Quilt (2008), X (2008), The Ghost (2009), unknowing / knowing (2010), TOTAL PANIC (2010), Citizenship for Saudi Women (2011), Subjects (2011), Generic Organs (2011), The Funeral (2012), Emotions (2012), 3 Minute Girlfriend (Short Cut) (2012), 8 Marzo (2013), Follow Your Heart (2014), Hulluu (2014), Skyline (2015), HANDS (2015), Averaging Mirror (2015), This Could Be You (2017), (2019)

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    deardiary beantwoordt gelijk al je vragen. Voer je diepste gedachten in op het dagboekscherm: angsten, oordelen, toekomstverwachtingen. (Vtape)

    • Bright Future Short