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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Yuhan Teng

TENG Yuhan (China) is a filmmaker and writer who studied at Beijing Film Academy in 2017 for two years, before moving to Dongguan to work in a factory making Christmas snowmen to ship to USA. She recorded her life in the factory and made a video art project, World 1 (2020), and tracked the manufacturing and shipping process for an experimental documentary, Boundlessflow. Her first feature-length film, selected for IFFR 2023, is Gagaland (2023).


World 1 (2020, short), Boundlessflow (2020, short doc), Gagaland (2023)

Yuhan Teng op IFFR

  • Gagaland

    Pak je selfiestick en dompel je onder in de gaga. Deze uitgelaten dansfilm is energiek, psychedelisch en bevrijdend.

    • Tiger Competition