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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Uri Kranot

Uri KRANOT (1975, Israel) has formed a collaborative duo with his wife Michelle Kranot from the early 2000s. Both graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and made their debut with the animated short film God on Our Side (2005). Their short films became well-known in the independent animation community, garnering multiple awards at various festivals worldwide with acclaimed works like Hollow Land (2013) and Black Tape (2014). Later on they expanded their practice by fusing painting, drawing, and new technologies into contemporary experiences. Their work, which is “frequently characterized by a poetic sensibility and fragmented narratives exploring past and present, fact and fiction”, has been exhibited at prestigious venues like Venice Biennale, Kunsthalle Wien, and Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. The Kranots have founded the research and development studio TinDrum and are the producers and creative directors of ANIDOX.


(selection, all co-dir) God on Our Side (2005, short), Hollow Land (2013, short), Black Tape (2014, short), How Long, Not Long (2016, short), Nothing Happens (2017, VR), Songbird (2018, VR), The Hangman at Home − VR (2020, VR, co-dir)

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Uri Kranot op IFFR

  • The Hangman at Home – VR

    In prachtige handgeschilderde kijkdoosjes vertellen vijf mensen hun verhaal. Waar ligt de grens tussen toeschouwer en medeplichtige?

    • Art Directions