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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Ollie Palmer

Ollie PALMER (1986, UK) is an artist, filmmaker, and educator based in Rotterdam. He holds a PhD in Architectural Design and is a researcher in the Situated Art and Design group at the Centre for Applied Research in Art, Design, and Technology. His practice raises critical questions on technology and control systems by the design of absurd machines, software, films and performances, which have been exhibited in galleries and film festivals worldwide.


(all short) Network/Intersect (2016), 86400 (2016), 24fps Psycho (2016), Sciptych (2017), Trees of Rotterdam (2024, doc)

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Ollie Palmer op IFFR

  • Trees of Rotterdam

    Trees of Rotterdam is een portret van de stad Rotterdam en haar groenste inwoners: de bomen.

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