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Didier Konings

Didier KONINGS is a director, designer and concept artist. He attended the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam and holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Netherlands Film Academy AHK. He has designed key scenes in major film productions such as Stranger Things (2016), Tomb Raider (2018) and Birds of Prey (2020). He joins IFFR 2024 with Witte Wieven (2024).


(selection, all short) Nachtrust (2007), Shindy (2007), Crap (2008), Uncario (2021), Seized (2021), Witte Wieven (2024)

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Didier Konings op IFFR

  • Witte Wieven

    Een vrome vrouw vindt een nieuw geloof in de duistere krachten van het bos.

    • Harbour