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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025


Starting at €10,000 per year or €5,500 with a gift agreement

Join a group of generous philanthropists committed to IFFR’s mission. 

Become a supporter who gives independent filmmakers from around the world the opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience, who enables film lovers to see visionary programming and experience the world of IFFR year-round, in cinemas, at special venues and online. But above all, a supporter who challenges everyone, young and old, to reflect on their own worldview and each other through film.

Fellows choose the most personal and focused involvement with IFFR.  

Together with artistic director Vanja Kaludjercic, you choose the project you would like to support. This can be a film project where, through the Hubert Bals Fund, you contribute to the realisation of a film by a promising filmmaker from a supported region . This could also be a film education for hearing-impaired children, or for young people in Rotterdam. You could also help IFFR realise RTM, a programme of Rotterdam films curated by young Rotterdammers for young Rotterdammers. If you like visual art and film, then a project from Art Directions would be interesting. There is a lot to choose from. If you already have an idea, let us know! If you cannot choose, please let us know as well, we will be happy to advise you.


Of course, we will gladly give you something extra in return. We will keep you closely involved in the project you support. We will update you on the content during a lunch and, if possible, you will meet the makers or curators or we will take you to an education workshop. You will receive two festival passes which give unlimited access to the regular festival programme and we will be happy to put together a personal day programme for you in which we organise all you wish, from tickets for you and guests you want to bring along, to lunch and dinner. And of course you will receive an invitation to the Sneak Preview Night, Opening Night and Closing Night during the festival. Once a year, we will also invite you to a private lunch with the IFFR directors.

Would you like to meet and exchange ideas without any obligation? Contact us via [email protected] or 010 – 890 90 90. We will be happy to make an appointment with you!

Giving to a cultural institution or charity

IFFR is a cultural ANBI. This means that it is possible to deduct your donation from your taxable income. How much you may deduct depends on the type and size of the donation.

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Barbara de Heer: Chief Funding and Business Growth