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Zero Chou

CHOU Zero (1969, Taiwan) earned a B.A. in Philosophy at the National Chengchi University in 1992. She worked as a journalist before becoming an independent film director. Her works are philosophical and literary, and often based on the motif of female emotions. She is one of the leading ladies of Taiwanese documentary filmmakers, and has won a Teddy Award and Golden Horse awards for her films.


(selection) A Film About The Body (1996, doc), Looking For The Forgotten Artists (1997, short doc), Artist And His Daughter (1997, short doc), Memories Of The Taiwanese Master (1997, short doc), Yi Shi Zai Hai Shi Zhong (1998, short doc), Being Ceased (1998, short doc), Mother And Son (1998, short doc), Democracy Show (1998, short doc), Wanderers’ Bay (1998, short doc), Floating Islands (2000, doc), Before The Radiation (2000, short doc) Headhunting Festival (2000, short doc), Zou Zu Zhan Ji (2000, short doc), Corners (2001, doc), Poles Extremity (2002, short doc), The Kinmenese Tracks (2003, doc), Father In The Blacklist (2004, short doc), Splendid Float (2004), The Road On The Air (2006), Spider Lilies (2007), Drifting Flowers (2008), Viva Taiwan Moooooovie (2008, short), Ripples of Desire (2013), Wrath of Desire (2020), Untold Herstory (2022)

Zero Chou at IFFR

  • Untold Herstory

    Compelling story of the female political prisoners who sought justice during the oppressive White Terror era.

    • Harbour
  • Viva Taiwan Moooooovie

    Taiwanese film gangsters used to the most dangerous crooks in cinema. But they have disappeared from film. That has to change.

    • Spectrum Shorts