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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Stephanie Barber

Stephanie BARBER (USA) is a multimedia artist who creates meticulously crafted, odd and imaginative films and videos, as well as performance pieces that incorporate music, literature, video, and anything she is thinking about. She has had numerous solo screenings of her film and video work.

More info: Stephanie Barber


(all short) The Ensign (1988), Breathe (1989), Circus Small (1990), Infern (1991), Derivations (1992), Dearest Ludwig (1993), Corner Work (1993), Safe (1994), Woman Stabbed to Death (1995), Angus Mustang (1995), Salamander O’Dictus (1996), It fell possum (1996), Flower, the Boy, the Librarian (1996), A Little Present (1997), They Invented Machines (1997), These Horizon (1997), I Only Think About My Heart (1997), Shipfilm (1998), Metronome (1998), I Began by Walking into Rooms (1999), Pornfilm (1999), Mary Worth (1999), Letters, Notes (2000), Dogs (2000), France vs Spain (2001), The End of the World (2001), City at Heart (2002), Total Power, Dead, Dead, Dead (2005), Catalog (2005), Dwarfs the Sea (2007), A Tiger and an Island (2007), The Visit and the Play (2008), The Inversion, Transcription, Evening Track and Attractor (2008), Warstory (2008), In the Jungle (2009), Bust Chance (2010), 3 Peonies (2017), Another Horizon (2020)

More info: Stephanie Barber

Stephanie Barber at IFFR

  • 3 Peonies

    Flowers are stuck down and covered by tape: a wry comment on 20th-century modernist art.

    • Short & Mid-length
  • Total Power – Dead Dead Dead

    A haiku or loveletter to the charm of two-dimensional images. The spectacle hopes for our worship and gives a loving hint towards a conspiracy.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • Catalog

    From the blueprints of found family photos, Barber builds tableaux vivants in a stately fictional story about former uprooted dynasties.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • Bust Chance

    Forceful cuts underline the stunts of the Chinese circus performers and their effect on the audience. Theatre becomes film in this homage to Bruce Con

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • Dwarfs the Sea

    Variegated, yet simple in form. A pile of pictures of dead sailors induces anecdotes about their loneliness and companionship.

    • Spectrum Shorts