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Scott B

Scott B is an American filmmaker and screenwriter, most famous for his long-term collaboration with Beth B. Together, they were among the most well-known members of the New York No Wave Cinema movement. As a duo they were known as the Bs, founding an independent film production company called B Movies together and directing several (short) films. After Vortex (1982), they ended their partnership. Scott B went on to direct two more films, The Specialist (1984) and Last Rights (1985), which both screened at IFFR 1986.


G-Man (1978, short, co-dir), NYPD Arson and Explosions Squad vs. FALN (1978, short, co-dir), Black Box (1979, short, co-dir), Letters to Dad (1979, short, co-dir), The Offenders (1979, short, co-dir), The Trap Door (1980, short, co-dir), Vortex (1982, co-dir), The Specialist (1984, short), Last Rights (1985, short)

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Scott B at IFFR