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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Ranjan Palit

Cinematographer and documentary filmmaker Ranjan PALIT (India) completed a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and went to FTII, Pune where he studied cinema. He became a specialist documentary cinematographer after filming Anand Patwardhan’s film Bombay – Our City, and went on to shoot more than 100 documentaries over 35 years. Palit also shot 20 fiction feature films. He has directed ten documentaries, including Voices from Baliapal (1988), Forever Young (2008) and In Camera – Diaries of a Documentary Cameraman (2010). His latest feature, A Knock on the Door, was selected for IFFR 2023.


(selection) Voices from Baliapal (1988, short), Forever Young (2008, doc), In Camera – Diaries of a Documentary Cameraman (2010), Lord of the Orphans (2020), A Knock on the Door (2023)

Ranjan Palit at IFFR

  • The Men in the Tree

    An unsettling glimpse into a far-right paramilitary outfit through the eyes of young trainees.

    • Focus: The Shape of Things to Come?
  • A Knock on the Door

    Persecuted academics fight a disbelieving world in an idiosyncratic, deliciously stylised psychological thriller.

    • Focus: The Shape of Things to Come?
  • Karvaan

    A Pakistani woman in middle age who grew up in India in the fifties and sixties returns to the spot she knew in her youth. On her return to her former

    • Hubert Bals Fund
  • Celluloid Man

    Although one of the most productive film countries of the last century, India unfortunately never considered archiving this art form. Luckily there is

    • Signals: Regained
  • Such a Morning

    A celebrated mathematician suddenly abandons his career and becomes a hermit, moving into an abandoned train carriage as his humble abode. He then dev

    • Signatures