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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Pekka Sassi

Pekka Sassi at IFFR

  • Line Fill 2

    Line Fill 2 is a kinetic immersion in an immaterial world. The video is made by shooting lines from a close distance that are printed on a paper. The music is composed using rising and falling test signals of a varied length.

    • exploding cinema - Sound Check
  • Planck’s Constant

    A study on light that cannot be seen. The video camera shoots the monitor that shows the image from the camera in real time. The aperture is adjusted until the light seems to be present as a being. The moving image, in other words the light, materializes through the blinking, and produces creatures.

    • exploding cinema - Sound Check
  • The Suburb Within

    Abstract horror film consists of a very minimal image, accompanied by a suggestive audio track that has maximum effect.

    • Spectrum Shorts