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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Olivier Dutel

Olivier DUTEL (1972, France) has been making films since the 1990s. He is also a programmer for the Gran Lux in Saint-Étienne, a founding member of the Podolski Archive Fund in Brussels and co-author of various film and art magazines.


(selection, all short) The Joe Saxon Case (1997), Another Shadowy Area (1999), Fellini G. Mastorna, Accidents (2008), Lunatic Shop (2016), Der Fährmann (2017), Zebra Station (2018)

Olivier Dutel at IFFR

  • Fellini G.Mastorna

    Franz K., Casanova and HAL meet each other in the cinematographic universe of Fellini G.Mastorna.

    • Short: Starting from Scratch
  • Der Fährmann

    A high-contrast film that places us in the front seat of a ghostly train ride, accompanied by a live sound performance.

    • Synergetic
  • Interieur

    Film performance about/with/for The Shining and all the delights it contains – a collection of corpses – the gold rush – Timberline Lodge Hotel…

    • Spectrum Shorts