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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Mina Djukic

Mina DJUKIC was born in 1982 in Sombor, Serbia. She lived in Kula until 2001, when she moved to Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts and teaches digital filmmaking at the SAE Institute in Belgrade.

She wrote and directed the award-winning feature The Disobedient (2014), which was presented at over 20 international festivals, including Sundance and IFFR. Screen International called the film ”beautiful” and ”a flamboyant lyric tale”, especially pointing out the film’s strong emotions and cinematography.

In the frame of the company Film House Kiselo Dete, in which she is one of the founders, Mina also produced Tilva Ros (2010 / Locarno IFF, Sarajevo IFF) by Nikola Lezaic, A Handful of Stones (2017 / ACID, Tampere) by Stefan Ivancic, and a short documentary Yugo, A Short Autobiography (2010), which she directed. She also co-produced The Black Pin (2016 / Sarajevo FF) by Ivan Marinovic and Year of the Monkey (2018) by Vladimir Blazevski.


Rat File (2004, short), Wiktorija (2006, short doc), Fear of Flying (2009, short), Yugo (2010, short doc), Neposlusni/ The Disobedient (2014)

Mina Djukic at IFFR

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    As children, they were best friends. After many years abroad, Lazar returns to the village where Leni stayed behind. Bored, they set out on a summer b

    • Bright Future
  • Tilva Rosh

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