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Mihir Fadnavis

Screenwriter, producer and filmmaker Mihir FADNAVIS (India) is also a former journalist and film critic. He served on the jury of the International Selection section for the Mumbai Film Festival before moving into filmmaking. Fadnavis’ first film was the horror short Chingum (2020). His first feature-length film was the documentary thriller Lords of Lockdown (2021), which premiered at the New York Indian Film Festival and was selected for IFFR 2023.


Chingum/Chewing Gum (2020, short), Lords of Lockdown (2021, doc)

Mihir Fadnavis at IFFR

  • Lords of Lockdown

    Volunteer groups supply relief to stranded migrant workers in an uplifting portrait of civic responsibility.

    • Focus: The Shape of Things to Come?