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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Maurílio Martins

Maurílio Martins at IFFR

  • Quintal

    An elder married couple whose life is quite ordinary. Until one day a persistent wind in the backyard makes the normal extraordinary.

    • Soul in the Eye
  • No coração do mundo

    Surprising Brazilian mosaic film follows the inhabitants of a poor neighbourhood while they try to make ends meet.

    • Tiger Competition
  • Temporada

    Juliana’s inner journey: moving to a new town, starting a new job, making new friends and discovering a new life. 

    • Soul in the Eye
  • Nada

    Bia, 18 years old and about to finish high school, faces other people’s expectations about her future. All Bia wants? Nothing.

    • Soul in the Eye
  • Constelações

    A shared car ride establishes a surprisingly intimate encounter between two strangers. A cinematographically refined journey into the inner worlds of

    • Voices Short
  • Quinze

    Raquel and her daughter Luiza are getting ready for Luiza’s 15th birthday, traditionally time for a big party and ditto dress.

    • As Long As It Takes: Short
  • Doña Sonia Borrowed a Gun from Her Neighbor Alcides

    Watching Doña Sonia do the washing-up, little do we suspect what she is capable of. She effortlessly executes her mission.

    • Spectrum Shorts