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Ludwig Wüst

Ludwig WÜST (1965, Germany) is an Austrian filmmaker living in Vienna. He initially studied acting and singing at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, expanding to directing in 1990. He has been part of more than 40 productions for theatre and opera in Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Leipzig. His debut feature KOMA (2009), was the first Austrian film to have a worldwide online release at the same time as its theatrical release. His most recent film I AM HERE! (2023) will have its worldwide premiere at IFFR 2023.


Ägyptische Finsternis/Egyptian Eclipse (2002), Nahaufnahme (2005, short), Zwei Frauen/Two Women (2006), KOMA (2009), TAPE END (2011), PASOLINICODE02112011 (2012, short/instal), Das Haus meines Vaters/My Father’s House (2013), Abschied/Farewell (2014), (ohne ritel)/(no title) (2015), Heimatfilm (2016), Aufbruch/Departure (2018), 3.30 PM (2020), I AM HERE! (2023)

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Ludwig Wüst at IFFR

  • I AM HERE!

    Improv-based, psychologically dense piece of chamber cinema crafted with little financial means, but a lot of excellence and dedication.

    • Harbour