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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

James Leong

James LEONG is a Singapore-based filmmaker. Together with Lynn Lee, he forms the company Lianain Films. They have made several independent and TV documentaries. Their documentary Wukan: The Flame of Democracy had its world premiere at IDFA 2013. Camera (2014) is Leong’s first fiction feature film. The work-in-progress documentary If We Burn (2020) gives us an insight into the Hong Kong protest movement through the eyes of Hongkongers and is again co-directed with Lynn Lee. The renewed version was selected for IFFR 2023.


Aki Ra’s Boys (2006, doc, co-dir), Homeless FC (2006), The Great North Korean Picture Show (2012, doc, co-dir), Wukan: The Flame of Democracy (2013, doc, co-dir), Camera (2014, co-dir), Umbrella Diaries: The First Umbrella (2019, doc), Hyut joi siu/If We Burn (2020 & 2023, doc, co-dir)

More info: James Leong

James Leong at IFFR

  • If We Burn

    Urgent, immersive journey into Hong Kong’s 2019 protests, and a meditation on what resistance means.

    • Harbour
  • If We Burn

    The Hong Kong protest movement through the eyes of Hong Kongers whose fates, like their city’s future, now hang in the balance.

    • Ordinary Heroes: Made in Hong Kong