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30 Jan - 9 Feb 2025

Eugenio Polgovsky

Eugenio POLGOVSKY (1977, Mexico – 2017, UK) studied film, photography and directing at the CCC in Mexico and won the Special Prize in a Unesco photography contest. He worked as director and cinematographer. His first feature-length documentary, Tropico de cancer (2004), won several awards, including the Joris Ivens Award at Cinéma du Réel. In 2007, he founded production company Tecolote Films. In 2015, he became the first filmmaker ever to be named Fellow in the Creative Arts at Trinity College, Cambridge. He released his final film, Resurrección, in 2016. As Eugenio’s sister and closest collaborator, Dr Mara Polgovsky has taken over at Tecolote Films to distribute Eugenio’s work and complete his unfinished projects. Mara Polgovsky completed his film Malintzin 17 as  co-director, world premiering at International Film Festival 2022 as part of the Tiger Competition.


Goodbye Marina (2001, short), El color de su sombra/The Colour of His Shade (2004, short doc), Tropico de cancer/Tropic of Cancer (2004, doc), Los herederos/The Inheritors (2008, doc), Mitote/Mexican Ritual (2012, short doc), Success (2014, short doc), Lightbyrinth (2016, short), Resurrección/Resurrection (2016, doc), Malintzin 17 (2022, doc, co-dir)

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Eugenio Polgovsky at IFFR

  • Los herederos

    For months, Polgovsky’s camera hovered hypnotically above the rough, inaccessible Mexican countryside. He wanted to share his fury and admiratio

    • Bright Future
  • Tropico de cancer

    Life in the Mexican desert. Filmmaker Eugenio Polgovsky watches how rats, snakes and birds are caught.

    • Short!
  • Malintzin 17

    Poetic documentary about care and parenting shot by filmmaker Eugenio Polgovsky and posthumously made into a film by his sister Mara.

    • Tiger Competition
  • Malintzin 17

    Available on Festival Scope Pro from 26 January 9:00 CET to 14 February 9:00 CET

    • Tiger Competition