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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Clarissa Campolina

Clarissa Campolina at IFFR

  • Passage

    Beautifully filmed, endless and aimless journey by a Brazilian walker.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • Acácio

    According to many she is the best young Brazilian documentary maker and she has made a film about the artist Acácio Videira and his wife, who spent th

    • Bright Future
  • Odete

    Disturbing, hallucinatory portrait of a difficult mother-daughter relationship whose true nature is only revealed after the mother’s death.

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • Enquanto estamos aqui

    Poetic, fictionalised film diary about globalisation and migration, brought back to the essence of human micro-politics: desire, fear and hope.

    • Bright Future Main Programme
  • O porto

    Rio de Janeiro as we don’t know it. The Harbour feverishly reveals the city’s various layers, hounded by permanent progress.

    • Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films
  • Françoise

    Intimate, beautifully acted film about a meeting between a strange girl and a man at a bus station.

    • main programme short
  • Girimunho

    Deep in the hinterland of Brazil, in the sleepy town of São Romão, magic and everyday events are juxtaposed in this beautiful debut to c

    • Bright Future
  • Neverquiet (Film of Wonders)

    A collective film, coordinated by Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande (see also The Joy). They sent a letter of ‘unease’ to filmmakers in which they a

    • Bright Future
  • Like Water Through Stone

    In a remote mountain area in the beautiful Minas Gerais, Brazil’s best documentary maker right now follows four friends at the end of their adolescenc

    • Spectrum