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Anna Faroqhi

Anna Faroqhi (1968, Berlin) is an artist, author, and experimental documentary filmmaker. She studied film in Munich, and now lives and works in Berlin.


(selection) Madama Zilensky and the King of Finland (1994, short), Die schöne Diebin (1995, short), Strip-tease (1997, short), Silber und gold/Silver and Gold (1997, short), Die Geschichte vond Belinda und Zoe/The Story of Belinda and Zoe (1998, short), DoDoDo (1999, short), Ein Mann für Marie/ A Man for Marie (2000, short), A Surplus of Love (2002, short), The 4th of July (2002, short), A Childhood Game (2002, short), 3 Lieder/3 songs (2003, short), House And Desert (2005, short doc), Pieme Pahite (2009, short), Hidden Voices (2012, short), Bauhaus Windows (2015, short-doc), The Parts And The Whole (2016, short-doc), A City For The Cinema (2018, short), A Mask For Everyone (2020, short-doc), Natura naturata (2021, short-doc), Remembrance (2022, short doc)

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Anna Faroqhi at IFFR

  • 3 Lieder

    Timeless, silent film vignettes based on songs from Robert Schumann’s Dichterliebe. A tribute to early film.

    • Short & Mid-length
  • Ein Mann für Marie

    Silent, light dramatic musical film about two old schoolfriends who compete about their loves.

    • main programme short
  • The 4th of July

    No ondinary day in New York; no ordinary day in a relationship.

    • True Stories
  • Die Geschichte von Belinda und Zoe

    Beautiful homage to silent film about the adventures of two bosom friends.

    • main programme short