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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Angela Schanelec

Angela Schanelec at IFFR

  • Nachmittag

    In her acute contemporary version of Chekhov’s Seagull, the former theatre actress Angela Schanelec reveals her phenomenal control of dialogue and fil

    • Kings & Aces
  • Der traumhafte Weg

    Spanning over thirty years, the film tells the story of two couples who go through an existential crisis while facing the larger crisis of Europe. In

    • Signatures
  • Das Glück meiner Schwester

    Stylish variation on the problems of triolism. Two sisters try to share a man. Début.

    • Tiger Competition
  • Marseille

    Bald and restrained reflections by a young Berlin photographer who doesn’t know what she wants. The film knows very well what it wants and follows the

    • Kings & Aces
  • Mein langsames Leben

    Film-maker Schanelec allows the protagonist to walk out of her films and watches from a distance as life goes on. Using cool techniques, she engenders

    • main programme features
  • Plätze in Städten

    Warm and melancholy portrait of the secondary school student Mimmi. She is lonely and closed, but the film-maker manages to get through to her in a me

    • main programme