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Andrei Tănase

Andrei TĂNASE (1982, Romania) graduated from the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest. He worked as a translator, tour guide and writer-director for television shows before participating in Sarajevo’s 2010 Talent Campus, where he made short films. First Night (2016) premiered at Venice Film Festival, where it was nominated for Best Short Film. Selected for IFFR 2023, Tigru is his debut feature.


Mc Russia (2008, short doc), Claudiu & the Fish (2013, short), Clandestin (2014, short), Summer Break (2015, short), First Night (2016, short), Tigru/Day of the Tiger (2023)

Andrei Tănase at IFFR

  • Tigru

    A tiger escapes from a Romanian zoo. Can vet Vera catch it before it’s too late?

    • Bright Future