Freaks Out

  • 141'
  • Italy
  • 2021

Enchanted, the audience watches as young Matilda makes a lightbulb burn using just her body. One marvel follows another in the circus tent. Until the cheering audience is suddenly wiped out by a falling bomb. Welcome to the capricious world of Freaks Out.

In fascist Rome in 1943, the circus artists fear for their lives. Matilda decides to flee Italy with her supernatural friends: a hugely strong wolfman, an insect whisperer, a human magnet, and the lovely manager. Their journey will not be easy. German Nazi Franz, a twelve-fingered pianist who can see into the future, is hunting circus freaks to help the Third Reich.

Brute force is always an option in this adventurous mix of fantasy and war film. Alongside the wonderful decors and attractive camerawork, Aurora Giovinazzo’s moving lead role is particularly poignant. A talent to watch.

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    Gabriele Mainetti
    Countries of production
    Italy, Belgium
    Production Year
    Festival Edition
    IFFR 2022
    Italian, German, French
    Andrea Occhipinti, Joseph Rouschop, Gabriele Mainetti
    Production Companies
    Lucky Red, Gapbusters, Goon Films
    True Colours
    Gabriele Mainetti, Nicola Guaglianone
    Michele D'Attanasio
    Francesco di Stefano
    Production Design
    Massimiliano Sturiale
    Sound Design
    Mirko Perri
    Michele Braga, Gabriele Mainetti
    Claudio Santamaria, Aurora Giovinazzo, Pietro Castellitto, Giancarlo Martini, Giorgio Tirabassi, Max Mazzotta, Franz Rogowski