VR: Liminal Spaces

Combined Programme

IFFR 2021

VR: Liminal Spaces confronts you with the downside of innovation: from the unheard suffering of African miners to a distress call from a digital dystopia. While present, past and future move around you, you reflect on the undesired consequences of the human desire for progress.

The Subterranean Imprint Archive
A memory palace full of buried history is revealed deep underground, in a Congolese uranium mine. A rich collage of archival materials, dreams and memories that provide an alternative to Western optimism surrounding new technology. What is the true toll of progress?

To Miss the Ending
This impressively designed VR experience outlines a dangerously amiable vision of the future that speaks volumes about the present. In a world devoid of nature, viewers tag along with five people whose consciousnesses have been uploaded to a server. However, the uploads are hugely faulty.