The Werner − Guerilla Cinema


IFFR 2021

He was nearly injured by an erupting volcano, dragged Joaquin Phoenix from a burning car wreck, was shot in the abdomen by a crazed fan, and suffered several bouts of malaria. Werner Herzog knows the world can be a dangerous place, especially for a filmmaker who seeks to transform reality so viewers can witness ‘the ecstatic truth’. Herzog doesn’t tread gently. He bulldozers on.

Inspired by Herzog’s penchant for confronting danger and seeking out liminal situations, Atelier Van Lieshout’s latest creation is a mobile film studio, one that matches the romantic ambitions and radical working methods of this German filmmaker. This steel-plated monster invades the neighbourhoods of Rotterdam to incite a discussion about the urgency of cinema in our daily lives. First ‘activist’ running this cinephile propaganda unit is visual artist Hooman Jeddy. Documentary portraits will be displayed on screens both outside and inside the vehicle.

Wed 2 June, Afrikaanderplein; Thu 3 June, Visserijplein; Fri 4 June, Samuel Esmeijerplein; Sat 5 June, Noordplein; Sun 6 June, Binnenrotte, 10:00-20:00, free admission