Picture This


IFFR 2021

Picture This offers a small and obviously elliptical history of IFFR, captured through the lenses of the festival’s photographers. Alongside the well-known portraits of emblematic filmmakers, Pieter Vandermeer and his team took countless other photos. And not only of filmmakers and VIP guests: any visitor to the festival could be the subject of such a snapshot. Whether sitting in the cinema or having a drink at a party.

This work was continued by photographers such as André Bakker and Felix Kalkman, who worked for many years on the festival’s own newspaper, Daily Tiger. A series of fifty short vignettes has been assembled from these and other treasure troves, linking a selection of these photos together through stories and associations. To provide the soundtrack to these vignettes, a number of musical moods were created by music students from Codarts Rotterdam. Picture This is a tribute to all those diligent photographers, and was conceived for an audience captivatingly waiting for a film to start. 

Mon 1 to Sun 7 Feb, to be seen before all online screenings and at IFFR.com, with thanks to the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Pieter Vandermeer and Codarts Rotterdam