The Eyeslicer Season Two Episode 8-13

  • 286'
  • USA
  • 2019

The colourful Starr sisters live blissfully together in Malibu, having survived a rough start to life in a hellish family. Today these birds of paradise are living out a fantastic youth. Because: you're never too old to have a wonderful childhood. This is just one of many short film productions from The Eyeslicer, giving us insights into the always intriguing, at times downright curious lives of others. These include documentaries on the psychology of dick pics, adults who love getting slimed, or frequenters of old-style Arcade porn cabins.

All of this crammed into 13 episodes, spiced up with a motley mix of animation, fiction, visual poetry, art films and bumpers. At times deadly serious, at others tongue-in-cheek, magic realist, activist or drily observational. All the stops are pulled out in terms of form too: from computer animation and fiction with actors to stop motion or a mix of live action and animation. Each episode bursting with short cult films that constantly surprise: an addictive feast for the eye.

Screening The Eyeslicer Season Two Episode 1-7 on Wed 29 Jan and Thu 30 Jan, and The Eyeslicer Season Two Episode 8-13 on Thu 30 Jan.

various directors | The Eyeslicer Season Two
International premiere
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2020
English, Spanish
Dan Schoenbrun, Vanessa McDonnell
Production Company
Eyeslicer Releasing LLC
Eyeslicer Releasing LLC