Artist Talk: Zachary Epcar

Through lush cinematography and intimate soundscapes, Zachary Epcar turns the commonplace and banal things and events of everyday life into playgrounds for emotional and psychological deconstruction. According to Epcar, his films are about "staging and mapping flows of desire, anxiety, longing and despair". His newest film Billy investigates these themes in a domestic setting. Combining 16mm film and video footage, the film 're-enacts' a scene from an old episode of Melrose Place to investigate the "horrors of interior decoration and the boundless entanglement of things".

Epcar's films have screened at New York Film Festival - Projections, IFFR, San Francisco International Film Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Pacific Film Archive, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Crossroads, Onion City, Images Festival and elsewhere. He is also a co-founder and organiser of the Light Field Film Festival in San Francisco. Billy makes its international premiere at IFFR in Bright Future Short.

Mon 27 Jan, 12:00, KINO 3, €6/€5