Workshop Nina McNeely


IFFR 2019


Climax is unmistakably a film from diabolicus cinematograficus Gaspar Noé. With his strobe lighting, intense acid-coloured palette and sudden bursts of energy, this is true vintage Noé. But the tone for the film is set by a wild, 10-minute-long dance scene – the energy released is the uncut work of choreographer Nina McNeely. An impressive show of craftsmanship, when you think that McNeely put the scene together in only 24 hours, with dancers who had never met before.

Genre-fluid dancer, choreographer and artist McNeely started her career as a dancer in the Los Angeles underground club scene. But for several years now, she has been making a name for herself as a choreographer for music videos for artists such as Björk, Rihanna and Pharrell Williams. As she also directs herself and makes animations, she has a sharp eye as a choreographer for how the movements she conceives will look on screen. In this talks followed by an exclusive dance and choreography workshop, she will show something of her process. The talk is free, for the workshop you'll need tickets and some dance experience.