Frameworks Acolyte Talk Asad Raza


IFFR 2019


Asad Raza is a radical post-disciplinary artist whose work combines living beings, experiences and objects. Trained as a filmmaker, he became an artist and an art producer, working also as a curator or as a collaborator with other artists. The fascinating biography of his uncle Wahid urged him to pick up the camera again. Asad Raza explains to Sofía Hernandez Chong Cuy (director Witte de With) how the medium of film fits into his practice.

Of Pakistani parentage, Raza studied literature and filmmaking at Johns Hopkins and New York University, where he helped to organise a labour strike. He has also written about tennis for The New York Times and worked as a political activist. In the last few years, Raza frequently served as a dramaturge for Philippe Parreno at occasions such as the H{N)YPN(Y}OSIS show at Park Avenue Armory in New York and the Solaris Chronicles for LUMA Arles.

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