PACT Virtual Reality

IFFR 2018

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Experience Pan-Africa in four VR works: Let This Be a Warning by The Nest Collective (Kenya) takes you to an African colony on a faraway world. Experience the response your arrival would elicit. Spirit Robot by Jonathan Dotse (Ghana) takes you to the Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra, Ghana. Hard World for Small Things by Janicza Bravo (US) provides a slice of life: the circumstances and consequences of a shooting by an undercover cop. The Other Dakar by Selly Raby Kane (Senegal) is a homage to Senegalese mythology in which past and future meet among artists. At the same location: June Givanni's Pan-African Cinema Lounge.

Thu 25 Jan - Sat 3 Feb 2018, 11:00 - 20:00, V2_, free admission

Festival Edition
IFFR 2018