IFFR 2018

Visit DECODED 2019 and binge the best of IFFR 2019!

Binge the best of IFFR 2018

At the upcoming festival edition, IFFR and CJP will again be serving up a tasty menu of unmissable festival films in DECODED, on Saturday 27 January. From 11:00 to 18:00 hours in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg you can lap up a lavish programme of shiny new, never-before-seen films, as well as Q&As with the filmmakers and of course drinks. Specially put together for CJP pass holders – but even if you don’t have a CJP pass, you are more than welcome! 

DECODED is the new name for the familiar CJP concept and brings you the best of cinema, theater and museums. This IFFR edition will be (artistically) presented by Manu van Kersbergen and Derek Otte, with Rotterdam spoken-word performances.

Want to come to DECODED, but don’t have a CJP pass? If you’re under 30, you can order a special combi-deal now: just €29 for a ticket to DECODED and a CJP pass (total value €42.50). How’s that for a discount!

The Florida Project - Sean Baker
In six-year-old Moonee’s eyes, Disney World’s poverty-stricken environs provide fun adventures. Shielded by childhood, the problems are beyond her comprehension. Talented amateur actors, gorgeous camera work and an amazing role for Willem Dafoe are this colourful film’s main attractions.

I Am Not a Witch - Rungano Nyoni
Eight-year-old Shula is accused of black magic and locked up in a witches’ colony. An opportunistic official saves her from this form of slavery in order to benefit from her supposed powers. In a mix of farce, fairy tale and social satire, we see how superstition is used to oppress women. 

The Guilty - Gustav Möller
A single space, a great lead, a compelling script and a nail-biting soundtrack is all debut director Gustav Möller needs to captivate his audience for 90 minutes. Asger Holm is fabulous as the tortured, headstrong cop hell bent on solving a disturbing phone call during a shift manning the emergency line. Nominated for the VPRO Big Screen Award.

Short: Like Me - Sterre Slikkerveer

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