Lost Landscapes of Los Angeles

Rick Prelinger

IFFR 2017


  • 83'
  • USA
  • 2016

The Prelinger Library is a haven for artists, activists, researchers and readers. It is a resource for filmmakers from all over the world (see for instance this year's IFFR selection The Future of Work and Death, 2016). Over the past decade, Prelinger has also distilled several of his own compilation films from the archive, mostly in the shape of urban history film events. Over time, these have migrated away from the idea of showing vanished cityscapes and towards connecting place with myth and social relations.
The strategy behind installments such as Lost Landscapes of San Francisco and No More Road Trips? is that the soundtrack is made by the audience. Invited to identify places, to ask questions and to engage with fellow audience members, every screening becomes a meeting ground. As part of the imagery of the new project was originally intended as background visuals for Hollywood movies, Prelinger presents his new work appropriately to the festival public as a background projection.

Thu 26 Jan to Sat 4 Feb, 16:00, Schouwburg Mediawall, free admission
Every day at 16:00 (excluding 29, 30 and 31 January) Lost Landscapes of Los Angeles is accompanied by live music improvisation by the CODARTS Composers Ensemble (CCE). CCE is conducted by composer Josué Amador and formed by young performers coming from different musical backgrounds and aesthetics, which junction results in a rich and unique sound

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Rick Prelinger
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