Rotterdam Classics: Wederopbouw

IFFR 2016

  • 70'
  • Netherlands
  • 2015
The post-war Dutch reconstruction is often portrayed in films which emphasise joint efforts and achievements. With a focus on composition and montage, pictures of buildings from all over the country are intercut at high speed. The Netherlands looks like one large city, and the astute can see that Rotterdam plays an important role.
This programme offers a new look at the city and its place in the country. Rotterdam architecture is prominently represented and reflected in these cinematographic collages that are an example of their era, the era of reconstruction.
An anthology by the Rotterdam City Archives in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision as part of the event Rotterdam Celebrates the City!
In this programme: Twenty Hours a Day (1952, Albert Brosens), Modern Architecture in the Netherlands (1954, Rudi Hornecker), Life in Building (1963, Peter Alsemgeest), Bouwspelement (1963, Charles Huguenot van der Linden).

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IFFR 2016