Hit Parade

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  • Canada
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As a Canadian thinker, artist, musician and writer, Christof Migone is interested in simple, open-ended concepts that we can test out together and that expand on ideas of language, voice, bodies, performance, space, intimacy, complicity and endurance.
Working since the mid-1980s, Migone weaves together a multitude of media, from radio to telephones to digital objects, to form a stunning and highly dynamic practice. His latest book, Sonic Somatic (Errant Bodies Press, Berlin, 2012), is a radical auditory study that includes the complexity of silence and mutism, identity and abjecthood, and language and its utterances.
Hit Parade is a typical example of his DIY and body-oriented approach. Earlier versions of this performance took place in Montreal, New York, Porto, Quebec, Seoul, Toronto and Winnipeg. Mon 28, 17:00, free admission, Schouwburgplein

Christof Migone
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IFFR 2013